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Who We Are.

We’re a tight collective of long time friends and family. Separated over the years by careers and geography we have since overcome dislocation to collude in the making of dead nice garments inspired by utility, function, people, places, horror movies, video games and Beastie Boys album covers • Check Your Head •

ULLAC was conceived in 2017. Well, that’s the year we sold our first piece, however the love affair with product  started in 1990’s Northern England – Preston to be precise.

Where we live.

We’re based in two key ‘metropoli’ - London and Helsinki – with all manufacturing placed in the
hands of a carefully curated group of mills, producers and suppliers across Europe.

Sustainability and paying people fairly is very important to us and we only work with nice people, who we like, who care about that too.


All our sweaters, T’s and jerseys are sewn by Nicola and Simon in Sheffield (UK). They’re some of the nicest people in the world and really really good at making stuff.

We make a lot of our clothes with a family atelier in Birmingham (UK). A guy called Ama runs that show over there, and he’s ace to work to with.

All our jeans, and some of our jackets are made by a family in Urbania, Northern Italy. We go to visit them a
lot, they’re amazing at what they do. 


Our jersey fabrics are all sourced in the UK. They’re spun near Leicester and mostly organic cottons, and some linens.

We source a lot of fabric from Velcorex in France. They really care about the world and even have their own waste water treatment plant. Most of their cotton is organic and BCI. BCI promotes better standards in cotton farming by encouraging fair labour practices, economic development, training for farmers and workers, minimising pesticides, fertilizers, and GMOs.

Our denim comes from Candiani in Northern Italy. They’re the ‘Greenest Mill in the blue world’. All of our jeans are made with at least 40% BCI cotton.

All clothes come in re-usable bags that we make from sale cloth. Our recyclable mail bags are made from recycled paper. It’s very important to us that every bit of the process is ethical and that there is a fair exchange
of time, skill and money with a human adult and no one burnt any tyres to make the clothes.


Our clothes are cut for people irrespective of lumps and bumps. We feel like all clothes should be for everyone who likes them so that’s what we make.

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Three, four better lock your door. Five, Six grab a crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again.
Three, four better lock your door. Five, Six grab a crucifix. Seven, eight, gonna stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again.