about ullac.

 Who we are

 We’re a tight collective of long time friends and family. Separated over the years by careers and geography we have since overcome dislocation to collude in the making of dead nice garments inspired by utility, function, people, places and Beastie Boys album covers • Check Your Head •

 ULLAC was conceived in 2017. Well, that’s the year we sold our first pair of Jeans, however the love affair with product, namely denim, started decades prior in the North of England – Preston to be precise.


 Gender neutral

 Our world is gender neutral as the rest of the world should be. We believe that power lives in the hands and hearts of the individual, irrespective of lumps and bumps.


Where we work and how we work.

 We’re based in two key ‘metropoli’ - London & Helsinki – with all manufacturing placed in the hands of a family atelier who go by the name of “the Dini’ in Italy. That’s all you need to know, to know that it’s lovely.

 We operate ethically and make everything to the highest of standards. Every part of each garment comes from an independent producer.


 Only on the internet.

 We really want to get to know all our new customers and friends. That’s why we’re only on the internet and in really select shops. It means we get to chat to you, and be part of the conversation.