Your bag is empty

300 wears.



We find it very difficult to let go. So if you promise to stay in touch and post a picture (instagram / facebook) each time you wear your new jeans, jacket, trousers or shirt for the first 300 wears, we’ll swap it for a brand new one.  


You don’t have to wear your garment for 300 consecutive days, as long as it’s 300 days in total.


So that’s 300 wears, 300 pictures, new garms.


Under each post just write how many days of wear and use the hashtag #ullac  

Write to us when you hit 300 days and we’ll arrange the swap.

Please stay in touch. Please. 


Gavin. PATTERN 002 SLIM. 1 day, no washes.

Gavin - PATTERN 002 - SLIM. First day, no washes. 


Chris - PATTERN 001 - STRAIGHT. 27 days, no washes.